Justin's Homepage

This webpage is for my computer science 1 class.
I'm learning C#. C# is for making Windows Apps.
I'm not great at programming yet, but I'm learning.
I want to go to a good college like Boston or Harvard.

Good Bye Program

September 19th 2018

This project says good bye in different languages depending on what language you chose.

Help Page

September 21st 2018

This project uses a logo/trademark and shows the company description for a help page.

Mailing Label

September 27th 2018

This project takes the address formats it into a formatted label.

Car Rental

October 5th 2018

This project takes the address and mileage of a rental car.

BMI Program

October 10th 2018

This project takes your height and weight and determines if you manage your weight well.

Car Rental 2

October 17th 2018

This project is the same as the original Car Rrntal program, but gives leather seats Bose sound, and type of car.

Test Score Program

October 19th 2018

This project takes two test scores and finds the total average of the two.

Dice Game

October 30th 2018

This project simulates the user rolling a dice and the probability of rolling that again.

Craps Game

November 6th 2018

This project is a form of the game craps.

Slot Machine

November 15th 2018

This project takes random values to make a functioning slot machine.

T-Shirt program

December 5th 2018

This project takes a customers selections to make a t-shirt.

Bowl Project

December 13th 2018

This project has the teams history of Bowl games and some facts about each school.

Fish Program

January 16th 2019

This project moves a fish left or right in a fish tank, and keeps track how many times it moves.